G A M E  D E V


Untitled Game, in Development

A third person exploration game. Uses minimalist mechanics to mimic and explore movement through the landscape, natural and built shelters and their inhabitants, and self-expression through fashion.

I'm developing this game in Unity currently, on my own. I use Zbrush and Substance to sculpt and color art in a unique way I developed while trying to translate as much of my painting practice into 3D as I can.

The final form of this work will be determined more as I invest more time into expanding it so I can figure out what an appropriate scope is.

Selected environment and character preview screenshots:


Game Jam Games


For Ludum Dare 32, 2015

A exploration of extreme anxiety, through a landscape-scale manifestation of a character's psyche and disjointed memories.

The theme for Ludum Dare 32 was "un-conventional weapon". I had just discovered the joys of photogrammetry using Autodesk 360 Recap and my DSLR, and the hosts of the event I attended for Ludum Dare 32 in Seattle (AtomJack) were offering an opportunity to use their Oculus DK2s for the jam. I knew I wanted to put these two things together, so I came up with a plan to form a team of my own to make an aesthetic/explorative first person VR experience.

I encountered Pinktreeleaf who writes for games, and I thought that a writer and artist would make a great core team for the project. The 3D meshes I was making with photography and Recap made me think of memories, so I wanted to create a kind of 3D representation of someone's brain where the photogrammetry models served as independent memories. I liked the idea of using photogrammetry models for a gamejam as well, because they sort of subvert the expectations most would have for 3D assets made in a weekend. Pinktreeleaf brainstormed the idea of having it be an experience from the perspective of someone who suffers from extreme anxiety, and as the project came together we decided the specific catalyst for the breakdown the game focuses on would be someone else's laughter- thus the un-conventional weapon tie-in. Here is a trailer video of "Laughter", I recommend just playing it if it interests you as the trailer shows most of what is in the game.

- Win Build Download Link - Ludum Dare Link -


Game Environments

Sky Gardens

For Energy Hook, 2013-2014

My first completed environment. All assets and level design by me.
Starting with initial sculpt and first hard surface models to completed level in Unity: